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Dr. Louis Perron is an expert political consultant & advisor, campaign strategist, scientist, and TEDx speaker based in Switzerland. His track record includes winning dozens of election campaigns worldwide, from big city mayors to presidents. He speaks fluent English, German, and French, is a frequent commentator on election campaigns in the news, and has taught political marketing for more than a decade.

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Are you looking for an edge to win your next election campaign?

Beat the Incumbent is the essential step-by-step guide for candidates who want to challenge an incumbent at any level of government. Readers will learn how to plan a winning campaign, neutralize weaknesses, advertise effectively, and increase their media presence.

If we work together, you can expect the following:

We can work together in three ways:

Political Consulting

Plan your election campaign with a strategy that is rooted in market research.

Advisory Call

Do you have an idea about running for office or a crisis that you need advice on? When you have a specific topic that you need guidance on, an advisory call is the best place to start.

Online Learning

Webinars and virtual services for candidates.

I’ve been a political advisor and campaign strategist since 2007, and all my clients want the same thing—to win the election. I believe that political consulting is a confidential enterprise, which is why I refrain from publicly mentioning my clients by name.

Candidates want to win by a landslide and they always want to appear winning. They want to run unopposed or put the race behind them before the campaign even starts. They want to win while spending as little as possible. They want to be seen as close to the president, be a nationwide (or international) player, and be frequently interviewed by the media.

On the other hand, candidates are afraid of losing, or worse, of losing to their worst enemy. They are uneasy about well-funded or celebrity opponents. They worry about being cheated of victory or betrayed and left standing in the rain by their own people.

Much of the success I bring to campaigns is due to my emphasis on methodology to get accurate results for our market research. For the surveys, we invest our attention into fieldwork partnerships to get accurate sampling. We combine this quantitative data with a unique use of qualitative opinion research, so-called focus group discussions.

I always tell clients the true results and make proactive recommendations based on them.

“There is a reason this consultant is much sought after. He puts great value on precision in sampling”
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