I have led dozens of candidates to victory on election day. But this isn't about me, it's about you.

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Power is fickle. If you don't get it under control, you lose it.

For more than a decade, I’ve advised political candidates around the globe and won dozens of competitive election campaigns.

My biggest success as a political advisor and consultant so far is winning a presidential race, but there are plenty of other victories I’m proud of:

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Transforming a businessman from a private citizen to running unopposed to become mayor of his city.

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Achieving victories at several national elections (including some stunning upsets).
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Helping ‘’politically dead’’
incumbents resurrect to win a comeback.

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With one exception in my early days, I have never lost a reelection campaign for an incumbent.

My clients include presidents, vice presidents, cabinet members, senators,
congressmen, mayors, businessmen, some of the world’s best-paid athletes, and
even a former Miss Universe. All with the same goal.

To win elections.

My expertise is built on years of success on the political frontline as an election campaign strategist, a wealth of data to build upon, and a specialized academic background.
“If you’re serious about running for office, contact Dr. Perron”

My role as a political advisor and election campaign strategist is to be brutally honest. A client once said that it’s almost physically painful to work with me, and I take that as a compliment.

That honesty is grounded in accurate data and always coupled with proactive recommendations to help you.

Cooperation is integral to political success. My advice is only effective if you implement it.

Political consulting is a private and personal enterprise based on mutual trust and this is why I don’t disclose your identity when we work together.

While I am a very political person, I also usually don’t reveal my convictions in media interviews or social media. This makes me a more effective consultant.

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Politics is my lifelong passion.

I have studied and taught politics in three languages and on three continents.

I became active in the youth organization of a political party as a teenager.

That early interest in politics fuelled my interest in political science studies in Geneva and my decision to pursue a Master’s degree at George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management in Washington D.C.

I have been teaching political marketing for more than a decade.

My PhD dissertation compared election campaigns in Brazil, the Philippines, Germany, and the U.S. I demonstrated that despite operating in radically different political environments, successful candidates do share traits that unsuccessful candidates do not.

For some time, my plan was to run for office myself. It was during my time in Washington D.C., that I recognized that my future lay in a behind-the-scenes role as a global political advisor and consultant.

In the early days of my political consulting business, I would often be awake at 3 am, pacing around my apartment, full of thoughts and ideas on how to win elections. Today, I’m more passionate than ever about advising politicians to go from wherever they are now to where they want to be on election day, in the winner’s circle.

I live in Zurich, Switzerland, speak fluent German, English, and French, and advise clients from around the world.

“He is meticulous as a watchmaker.”

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