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“I have known Dr. Louis Perron for many years, and it has always been a refreshing experience to listen to his reports and analyses. I have described his presentations as ‘like walking in the garden barefoot.’ I say that because I always come away fully grounded. You, will too, after reading his book.”

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Plan your winning campaign

Actionable advice to aspiring candidates and campaign strategists

Incumbents may enjoy many advantages when they seek reelection, but their distinct disadvantages (such as broken campaign promises or association with the status quo) are ripe weaknesses for challenger candidates to exploit.

The strategies and tactics outlined in this groundbreaking book deliver an essential step-by-step guide on how to win elections and challenge an incumbent at any level of government.

Beat the Incumbent: Proven Strategies and Tactics to Win Elections will teach you how to

Once victorious, challengers-turned-incumbents learn how to avoid the same traps to effect change and sail to an easy reelection.

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Louis Perron, PhD, is a political scientist, consultant, and TEDx speaker based in Switzerland. His track record includes winning dozens of election campaigns worldwide—from big city mayors to presidents. He speaks fluent English, German, and French, is a frequent commentator on election campaigns in the news, and has been teaching political marketing for more than a decade.

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Praise for Beat the Incumbent

“Dr. Perron is the ultimate expert in winning elections. If you’re serious about running, read this book.”
Andrea Römmele Dean and Professor at the Hertie School, Berlin
“Whether you’re a political scientist, journalist, or candidate on the ballot, we can all learn from the lessons and results of several engaging campaigns. Perron provides a strategic landscape for how modern campaigns are won and lost in today’s unpredictable and often hostile political terrain.”
Donna Brazile Former Interim Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee
“Dr. Perron’s analysis is spot on. But this book is much more. It is a rare view inside the mind of an artist and master craftsman. If you want to really know how elections are won, start with this book.”
John ZogbyPollster, Author, and Commentator
“A thoughtful compendium of campaign advice, combining theory and practice, authored by a consultant whose political experience is both deep and broad. If you are running, or helping a candidate run, or just want to understand political campaigns, you should be reading this very helpful book. If you’re a serious campaigner, the pages will soon be dog-eared, as you’ll find yourself referring to it often.”
Mark Mellman Pollster, Strategist, and Hall of Fame member of the American Association of Political Consultants

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