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Data Driven Election Campaign Strategies

Political advisor Louis Perron, PhD, has won dozens of election campaigns worldwide. Partner with Dr. Perron to create your winning campaign strategy rooted in market research.

Discover Louis Perron’s three essential steps that take you from wherever you are now to where you want to be on Election Day: the winner’s circle.

In the beginning, candidates often feel excited to run and eager to launch their campaign strategy but frequently also experience a sense of overwhelm. Competing priorities include deciding on a slogan, establishing an online presence, analyzing opponents, and assembling a professional team.


Step One: “Plan”

We conduct a first round of market research and we give strategic recommendations for your campaign plan based on accurate and unfiltered results.

Step One provides your election campaign strategy. You have direction, know what to do and are informed on how to spend your time and money wisely.

At the end of Step One:

Step Two: “Assess”

After three to six months of implementing recommendations, we conduct a second round of market research.

In Step Two, candidates know what progress is being made, if any. Your election campaign strategy is adapted and fine-tuned for maximum benefit.

During Step Two:


Step Three: “Win”

We conduct a final round of market research shortly before Election Day.

Candidates feel in control. Election day expectations are managed rather than hoping for the best.

Step Three enables candidates to conduct a final evaluation and plan the final sprint of their election campaign, particularly their get-out-the-vote and election-day operation.

Why Work with Political Advisor Louis Perron, PhD?

I have used my three-step election campaign strategy to lead dozens of candidates to success—from city mayor to president. With sweat, hard work, and enough humility to make smart strategic decisions, you may be my next success!

Since the UK’s unexpected Brexit vote and Trump’s surprise election to the White House in 2016, polling has been widely criticized. And indeed, many published polls in the US proved inaccurate for several election cycles in a row.

The laws of statistics, however, still apply.

That’s why I invest significant time in identifying partners with a proven track record in quality fieldwork and random sampling. I’m highly skeptical of online and opt-in polls and barely weigh the raw data collected. In developing countries, my surveys are conducted in person. It is the slowest and most expensive way to collect data but by far the most accurate.

My approach to market research always combines quantitative (surveys, polls) and qualitative tools (focus group discussions, in-depth interviews). A great deal of the success I can bring to campaigns is due to my unique use of qualitative opinion research.

Simply put, a survey tells you the numbers (how many people think what), whereas focus groups reveal the why behind the numbers.

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