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Beat The Incumbent Book Release Celebration Event

My new book, Beat The Incumbent: Strategies and Tactics to Win Elections, contains key elements you need to win your next election campaign.

Join us via Zoom on January 20th at 9 AM New York, 15.00 Zurich, 9pm Jakarta, to celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking guide to electoral triumph! The duration of the Zoom call is about one hour.

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Learn what it takes to overcome overwhelming odds and Beat The Incumbent!

It’s tough to beat an incumbent, but not impossible. I’ll show you how Barack Obama, Volodymyr Zelensky, Emmanuel Macron, and many others played - and won - the contest.

Here’s what you’ll experience at our Book Release Celebration:


Discover The Author’s Perspective

Dr. Perron will share insights on why he wrote Beat The Incumbent and who benefits the most from its proven strategies.


Special Guest Speakers

Gain valuable insights from distinguished speakers: Political pollster and author, John Zogby, Professor of Political Science Hanspeter Kriesi, Ph.D., Mark Fretz, Radius Book Group


Author Q & A

Ask Dr. Perron questions directly as he delves into the fascinating details and some captivating stories behind the book.


Book Giveaways for Participants

Participate for a chance to win a signed copy of Beat The Incumbent.

Are you curious to learn the insider story about how to orchestrate and win election campaigns?

If so, my new book is meant for you!

With this book, you’ll learn how to:


Assess the real strength of the incumbent and how you can match up.


Develop a winning message that gets voters on your side.


Increase your mass media presence to increase voter recognition.


Deal with and fight attacks that are sure to come when incumbents see you as a threat.

Plus, read case studies about how I’ve assisted candidates worldwide (some famous!) to compete effectively and win elections.

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Register for my online Book Release Celebration Now.

Join us via Zoom on January 20th at 9 AM New York, 15.00 Zurich, 9pm Jakarta. The duration of the Zoom call is about one hour.

Bonus! Everyone who signs up for the event will receive a recording afterwards. Don’t worry if you can’t attend on the day itself.