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Whether you have a specific question, are thinking about a career change, or need advice on a critical issue, political advisor Dr. Louis Perron can help on an individual and personal call.

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I’ve led dozens of candidates to victory on Election Day and achieved some stunning upsets.

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Here are some of the typical question I am being asked:

should i run

Should I run for office?

There are basically two kinds of people who ask me this kind of question. There are those who are new to politics and are tempted to run but hesitate to leave an established career as a lawyer, businesswoman or civil leader. Then there are those who are already in politics and consider a run for higher office.

It’s a tough call and politicians spend countless hours a day thinking about such things.

Do you like my ad?

It’s not a matter of whether or not I “like” the ad. It’s a question of whether it moves the needle and gets you votes. I can help you with that.

What should be my slogan?

As a political advisor, this is often one of the first questions candidates ask me, and yet, it’s something that should be decided at the very end of your campaign. The purpose of a campaign slogan is to summarize your overall message with oomph.

How do I handle this crisis?

If you are in an emergency situation, and you need immediate advice, schedule a call now.

I have worked for clients that were accused of corruption, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, drug abuse, being unfaithful or a womanizer, overpriced projects, or doubtful alliances. Others were criticized for being too old, too young, too religious, or too extreme. If you are running for office, and are seen as a threat, chances are that the media will sooner or later report alleged scandals about you

handle crisis

A one-time call lasts for maximum one hour and costs 1000 USD.

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