A Simple Formula to Win Any Election

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Here’s a simple formula to win any election. First, you have to give voters everything they like about your opponent. In other words, if he has a popular policy on migration, taxes, or something else, adopt it. Remember that in that sense, politics is very similar to discussions with your spouse: agreeing makes something a non-issue.

Second, you have to give voters something they like but won’t get from you opponent. Say environment, taking care of social matters, or whatever. Lastly, tell voters something about your opponent that they don’t know yet, but would dislike if they knew. For example, that they do corrupt schemes, plan tax loopholes for the rich only, or whatever.

For the records, I did not make this up. I think I read it years ago in a speech by former President Bill Clinton, a master of electoral politics. I hope he will be released from the California hospital soon.

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