Abortion Becoming Key Issue

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

In an election campaign, you should always be ready for a crisis or scandal to hit. Occasionally, however, there are also positive surprises.

Last week, the Supreme Court of Arizona ruled on an abortion bill from 1864 and I think that this is such a positive development for Joe Biden (with respect to the politics of it, not the policy substance, of course). The decision put abortion as an issue center stage in yet another crucial swing state.

Abortion will probably not be the main issue deciding the election, but it’s a key issue for women, and in particular suburban women. I recently read a poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal which showed that among suburban women, abortion was by far the most important issue with 39%, followed by immigration with only 16%.

The issue certainly helped Democrats mobilize and turn out their voters in the midterms. And at the moment, abortion is also by and large the only issue where Biden holds a lead over Donald Trump.

What you do in such a situation as a campaign is to embrace and fully capitalize on such a development. Joe Biden seems to be doing just that. The campaign released a new tv in Arizona for which it invests a seven figure time buy. In the ad, Biden is heard saying “your body and your decisions belong to you. Not the government. And not Donald Trump.” You can watch the ad here.

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