Brett Kavanaugh Appointed to Supreme Court

Dr. Louis Perron
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So Brett Kavanaugh was appointed to the United States Supreme Court. It’s a victory for the Republicans, but I think that on both sides of the isle, it should worry people what an angrily divided nation the U.S. now is. In that respect, I find it surprising how few commentators mention that it is just a bit more than a year ago since Republicans in the Senate decided to “go nuclear” and changed the voting rules for Supreme Court nominees. For a long time, it used to be the rule that a Supreme Court nominee needs to get 60 votes to make it to the Supreme Court. I actually think that this was a good rule because it made the nomination process for this lifelong and extremely important position somewhat bipartisan. Kavanaugh would probably have had no chance to reach that majority. I think that it rarely pays off politically in the long run if major pieces of legislation or important appointments are pushed through the institutions without a real consensus around it.