Don’t Interrupt When Your Opponent Self-Destructs

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

It has been a bad couple of weeks for President Donald Trump: the handling of the coronavirus, the economic downturn, the racial unrest and protests, the John Bolton book and Supreme Court defeats.

A massive rally in Oklahoma – a state that Trump had carried by 36% in 2016 – should have been the turning point, but turned into a disaster and embarrassment. Apparently, a bunch of teenagers organized over TikTok to reserve all the tickets and as a result, Trump faced a stadium that was half empty.

Without doing much, the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is now enjoying a historic lead in the surveys. No presidential candidate in recent times had such a big lead at this point in time of the race. This of course doesn’t mean that the lead will hold in a world where public opinion is getting ever more volatile. But it confirms the old rule: Don’t interrupt when your opponent self-destructs.

What’s the best thing Joe Biden can do right now? Stay in the basement of his Delaware home as long as possible.

Meanwhile, a group of anti-Trump Republicans is now running tv ads actively asking to vote for Biden. The group is called The Lincoln Project and I must say: These guys are ruthless. Their latest ad is worth watching here.

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