Dr. Perron Quoted on Forbes on How Joe Biden Can Unify the Country

Dr. Louis Perron
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I was once asked by a journalist what American campaigners could learn from Swiss election campaigns. Hm, very honestly, not much.

On consensus building, however, Switzerland does indeed have lessons and experiences to offer. After all, consensus is the main theme Swiss polity is built on. A good illustration for this is our executive branch, which consists of seven people (we call them federal councilors), who govern as a team and who together fulfill the roles of a U.S. president and his cabinet. In that sense, a federal councilor is something between a president/prime minister and a cabinet member. The idea is that once elected, a federal councilor moves beyond partisanship and that once a decision is reached, the seven defend it in public together. Interestingly, much of this is based on unwritten rules of Swiss political culture, which goes to show that consensus building and unity foremost start with a willingness to come together and share power.

Read my quote on how Joe Biden can unify the country in a piece written by crisis communication expert Edward Segal and published on Forbes.com.

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