Forget Young Voters, The Old Deliver

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Almost every client tells me the same thing at the outset: He or she wants to go after young voters and thinks that we should motivate non-voters to start participating in the electoral process.

Now, I look at it differently. For me, winning is good enough.

Whether we win with the votes of young voters (millennials! I can’t hear it anymore) or elder voters is the exact same thing for me. Whatever is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest. And that’s the point: it is oftentimes easier to go after elder voters because they are more politically informed and more reliable to turn out.

I once worked for a governor who said that young people care about their smart phone, their education and the other gender. Exaggerated? Yes. True? Hm…kinda.

Have you ever been wondering why Joe Biden is running so competitive in Florida? According to the realclearpolitics average, he is now leading Donald Trump by more than 3% there. Part of the explanation is that Biden is doing better among senior citizens than any Democrat since Al Gore in 2000.

The equation is definitely different in developing countries. I have, for example, worked in countries where half of the population was under the age of 18. The calculation may be different for a niche party in a multi-party system (say the Greens in Zurich) and it is definitely different for consumer products. And yes, it doesn’t sound particularly cute or sexy to go after senior citizen voters. There probably won’t be any special broadcasts or journalists covering your campaign efforts. But as said, winning is good enough for me.

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