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Dr. Louis Perron
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I’m tweeting out two takeaways about election campaigns, polling, fundraising or crisis management every day to my over 10’000 followers. Why aren’t you one of them?

Here are some example tweets:

– More than half of the candidates running for office don’t know how many votes it will take them to win. And it makes me wonder: how can you plan a campaign effectively if you don’t know the target you wanna reach?

– Every serious election campaign should start with a baseline survey. Period. (When I say serious campaign, I mean a campaign with a budget of more than half a million dollars.)

–  The best preparation for a future crisis is to spread more good news.

– Every candidate has weaknesses, smart ones do something about it. What is the inoculation plan for your next campaign?

– The nature of fundraising for political campaigns is changing. The driver used to be access, now it has become emotions.

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