How to Make Something a Non-Issue

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Is there an issue that you sense is a weakness for your side and a strength for your opponent? Here is a simple, yet effective way to make something a non-issue: agree with your opponent. The modus operandi of the media is confrontation and if you agree with something, it will take the issue off the table and you can then move on to the next thing, preferably an issue you are strong on.

The intuition of politicians is often to do the exact opposite. Like an injured animal, they vigorously defend themselves and insist on how right they are on the issue. It often makes the situation worse for them.

Climate change is a good example. Just by looking at how the private sector deals with it, it’s obvious that fighting the climate crisis has become mainstream. Yet politicians from the right (paralyzed by special interests) have difficulties agreeing on legislation with more teeth. My advice is to let the Greens do what they want to do, and they will run out of steam.

On the other side of the isle, immigration is the equivalent. The left cannot even think straight about the issue, but is caught in ideological reflexes. Deep inside, most people would agree that the immigration system in Europe is deeply flawed. It’s an issue that the left will never win elections on. Let the right therefore do what they want to do and the issue will be off the table.

Just think about how you end unpleasant conversations in private life: by agreeing with your spouse.

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