If Mike Tyson Needed a Coach, What Makes You Think You Do Not?

Dr. Louis Perron
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I have advised, coached and consulted with more than a hundred politicians and candidates. Clients include presidents and vice presidents, but also actors, celebrities, businessmen, athletes and beauty queens (I let you guess who my favorite client was).

If Mike Tyson needed a coach, what makes you think you do not? In some cultures, people brag about the coaches and advisors they have. In others, we are kept as a secret. As if it were a weakness to try and improve yourself.

I would be remiss not to let you know that I offer coaching calls. Are you thinking about running for office or are you preparing for an important debate or TV appearance? Would you like to get an informed second opinion? You can pick my brain about virtually anything related to politics. Calls last for maximum an hour and cost 500 USD. You can find out more info here.

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