If You Don’t Blow Your Own Horn, There’s No Music – Alan Weiss

Dr. Louis Perron
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When I was an intern in Washington D.C. some twenty years ago, I observed my very first focus group discussion. Our client was a senator and the participants in the focus group were undecided voters from his home state. One of the questions we asked was what the senator is doing? How do you imagine the average day of the senator? Respondents had no clue. After some time, a woman in the group said “you know, he’s very busy, he’s getting things going.” Her reply was not specific. She clearly just tried to come up with something. And if you think about it: is there any leadership position where it’s not part of the job to get things going?

Consulting hero Alan Weiss says that if you don’t blow your own horn, there’s no music. It perfectly applies to politicians and politics as well. Especially incumbents need a signature accomplishment and they need to keep talking about it. Never assume voters already give you credit for your accomplishments. Few voters wake up in the morning to do some research about what you have done for them lately and whether you’re still in office. It’s your job to tell them.

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