Impact of the Comey Book on President Trump’s Approval Ratings

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Just had a journalist from Swiss television network on the phone regarding the impact of the Comey book on President Trump’s approval ratings and the mid-term elections. In my opinion, the impact will be very limited. We have to realize that by now, the opinions about Donald Trump are pretty defined in public opinion: Depending on the survey, there are about 40% of U.S. voters who approve of Donald Trump and there are about 55% who disapprove. On both sides, voters have factored in a lot of information and assumptions about Trump. Therefore, it would take substantial new information about him to move the numbers. By substantial information, I mean clear evidence that undermines his own message (what he says about himself). That doesn’t really seem to be in the book. In the absence of substantial new information, the one thing that seems to move the needle is the state of the economy and the economy is doing well. Hence why his numbers have actually gone slightly up over the past weeks.

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