Last Call to Sign Up for the Webinar Debrief on the U.S. Election

Dr. Louis Perron
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This is the last call for the webinar debrief I am running today Saturday November 7, 2020. It will start at 15.00 in Zurich, 9am in Washington D.C. and 10pm in Kuala Lumpur. During the two-hour zoom session, I will:

  • Give you an update of where things stand and how it will likely continue
  • Analyze the “result” and its consequences
  • Draw the lessons learned from a tumultuous campaign
  • Discuss takeaways for crisis management
  • Assess the quality and reliability of the opinion polls
  • Discuss new trends for campaigning during Covid-19

The investment for this deep dive is 70 USD. You can find out more information here and sign up here.