Let’s Make 2019 a Year of Action

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

I had been flying with Emirates for about roughly ten years. I have been a platinum member for several consecutive years, and a gold member before that. Arguably, I was a pretty good client. When I suddenly stopped flying Emirates, I was surprised that I never heard anything from them. No special offer, no status challenge, no nothing. All I got was an automated email saying that I didn’t requalify for the status……euhh! All the while, Emirates had all the information about me. They knew how often I was flying from where to where, my favorite seats, how many times they upgraded me from business to first class and how many times I used miles to do that. They knew to whom I gave the complimentary gold status that one can give as a platinum member and even my favorite wine. My point here is this: With all the talk about big data, we shouldn’t forget to act on the data. It’s great to know everything about your clients and voters, but it’s all worthless without a sound action plan that is based on the data – and the discipline to implement that plan. I always tell my clients not to lose the forest out of sight when analyzing each and every individual tree. In that sense, I wish a happy and successful 2019 to everybody. Let’s make it a year of action!

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