More Than 400’000 Views For My TEDx Talk On Winning Elections

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

My TEDx Talk on winning elections in a changing world has reached more than 400’000 views. You can watch it here on youtube or on the TED website. Thank you all for liking and commenting, which will help spread the message further.

And don’t forget the four Ms it takes to win high-profile elections:

Message: A good message is more than a slogan, yet less than a party program. It’s a coherent narrative about why you should be elected.

Media: We now distinguish earned, paid, owned and social media. The last one is greatly overestimated as nobody goes online to change his mind.

Money: Fundraising moves from big donors to mass based and message driven fundraising – the new way to raise (unlimited) amounts of money for campaigns.

Make no mistake: Typical (beginners) mistakes include sitting on an early lead, producing campaign ads without content, not daring to do things differently and thinking you can do your own survey or focus group.

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