My New Book Is Available Today!

Dr. Louis Perron
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Did you see what the Washington Examiner said about my new book?

They wrote that Beat the Incumbent: Proven Strategies and Tactics to Win Elections is an “important, useful, and highly informative book.” They also said it was an “expert guide to the nuts and bolts of successfully challenging incumbents.”

Today is the day I and many others have been looking forward to for a long time. It’s the official release date for my new book, Beat the Incumbent: Proven Strategies and Tactics to Win Elections.

It’s no coincidence that the book is released the very week the U.S. presidential campaign kicks off, which is of course all about beating (or re-electing) an incumbent.

Order your copy today, and you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess the real strength of the incumbent
  • Double down on your qualities as the challenger
  • Develop a winning message that gets voters on your side
  • Increase your mass media presence to build name recognition
  • Deal with and fight attacks when you’re seen as a threat
  • Leverage social media and advertise effectively
  • Neutralize any of your weaknesses as a candidate

You can order to book on Amazon or directly from me. Get in touch.

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