New York Post Publishes Nude Pictures of Melania Trump: Impact on the Campaign

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump recently was in the headlines again. There were news reports that she might have worked in the U.S. illegally back in the 1990is. Then, The New York Post has published nude pictures of Melania Trump:

I highly doubt the Republican base and in particular the evangelical right, which Trump wanted to please with the nomination of Mike Pence, will like this. No matter what happens, they will never vote for Hillary Clinton, but they might just stay at home instead. Remember in 2000, when a few days before the election, the media reported that George W. Bush had been arrested by the police for driving under alcohol. As a result of the incident, many Christian conservatives probably stayed home on Election Day and Al Gore went on winning the popular vote.

It’s not that Melania Trump would have been a big help for the campaign to begin with. Yes, she used to be less unpopular than her husband. But her favorability ratings were just about even, meaning to say that about half of the country saw her favorably while the other half saw her as unfavorable.

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