My Takeaways from the Debt Ceiling Deal

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Here are my takeaways from the debt ceiling deal:

– Deals in Washington DC are always only made under pressure and when the clock is about to run out. Remember this the next time there is a media hype.

– Lobbying of special interest groups is often described as something negative, but it has its positive side effects. The deal happened partly also because Republicans were under pressure from their donors and K Street.

– When the leadership wants to pass an unpopular bill, it’s common to split the votes. Both parties are supposed to provide about the same number of votes to pass it (coming from members in safe seats).

– The deal would not have passed with the votes from one party. It took the alliance of moderates from both parties. Maybe this is a model that will be followed more often in the near future. It would be good in the sense that both parties would become less dependent on their radical wings. It reminds me of the so-called grand coalition in Germany, when the two big parties and traditional competitors for the chancellorship govern together. It can serve as inspiration for people who prefer to legislate rather than to campaign.

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