The Real Reason Why Haley Continues

Dr. Louis Perron
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Losing your own home state is rarely a big push for an election campaign. And yet, after Nikki Haley lost South Carolina yesterday to Donald Trump by a big margin, she vowed to continue her candidacy. Why is she doing this (to herself)?

The answer to this question is because she can. What I mean is that in addition to the primary where people are voting, there is also the money primary. And Nikki Haley is doing pretty well on that front. In other words, she continues because she has cash on hand.

Haley and allied groups spent about 30 million USD in New Hampshire, and more than 10 million in South Carolina (outspending Trump). According to the Financial Times, she has also raised more money last month than Trump, 11.5 compared to 8.8 million USD.

Super Tuesday will be on March 5, when an entire series of states are holding their primaries. Financial firepower is an important factor when one needs to compete in many states at the same time.

Looking to the future, I have a feeling that Haley can continue for some time if she chooses to so even if she continues to lose.

For the person running against Trump, there will always be money.

It is therefore no surprise that he campaign just announced that they will buy nationwide tv ads on cable.

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