What To Do When Your Campaign Is in Complete Chaos

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

One of the most underestimated factors in a campaign is discipline. Election campaigns are extremely chaotic by nature. If you formulate a clear plan and strategy on the outset, it helps tremendously in managing the chaos once the campaign starts for good.

In an election campaign, everything is geared towards the top candidate. It happens sometimes that different wings of a campaign team fight each other, or for the attention of the top candidate. Attention is however a zero-sum game. Some candidates fail to establish and maintain order, for others it’s their very leadership style to pitch various faction against each other. This is almost always bound for failure as the top candidate or party leader plays a crucial role in demanding and establishing internal discipline.

If I’m faced with a situation where a campaign is in total chaos and time is limited, I try to at least focus on the common opponent. Complete chaos where everyone is fighting the other side is a lot better than complete chaos fighting each other.

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