What’s Donald Trump’s Plan for a Second Term?

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

At the beginning of the year, Donald Trump was thinking and planning to head into reelection with a booming economy as wind in his back. The coronavirus has completely destroyed that plan and Trump still seems rattled by it. Last week at the convention, it became pretty clear that there are now two major parties in the U.S.: the Democratic Party and the Trump Party. It also became clear that there is no plan for a second term other than that it would basically look like the first term. The campaign doesn’t seem to have a message and doesn’t have a new slogan. It’s still the same from four years ago. Remarkably, the campaign up until today also has no clear narrative defining Joe Biden. If you attack your opponent for seven different things every day, the individual attack loses credibility. This being said, Trump does have a base. According to surveys, 90% of Republicans still vote for Trump. As a way out, the campaign is now trying to jump on the law&order message. In that sense, Trump does what he always does: double down.