Why Companies Look at You as Cattle Instead of as a Customer

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

I recently ordered a limousine transfer with Blacklane for an early morning ride to Milan airport. I ordered days in advance, and the booking was confirmed. After midnight the day of the departure, Blacklane called me to say that the booking was cancelled because they couldn’t find a driver. Euh!

That’s obviously an idiotic reason. The hotel I was staying at could find and book a driver within less than ten minutes.

I made it to the airport, so all was fine, but it shows a current trend, namely that corporations increasingly look at customers as cattle instead of as customers.

I was always surprised people are surprised that social media companies treat you as cattle. What I mean is that you’re not paying for their service, they make money out of your data. So, what are you expecting?

I am however appalled that companies with paying clients increasingly adopt the same behavior. Airlines and retail stores are great examples. Instead of innovating and becoming more efficient, they transfer their bureaucracy to the client.

Companies should focus on making clients happy, and transfer them into repeat and referring clients. Instead, it has become an operating procedure to focus on downsizing and saving cost (in particular labour), then invest money into an idiotic marketing campaign.

Make no mistake, dumb ass leadership can save to death and tank any flourishing business.

To add insult to injury, Blacklane sent me an automated email offering a voucher of 25 euro for a future booking. Good thing I found out during the episode that the family run hotel I was staying at is offering airport transfers.

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