Why Winning An Election Campaign Is Less Expensive Than What You Think

Dr. Louis Perron
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Winning an election campaign is less expensive than what you think for two reasons. First, the impact of money is generally overestimated. Let’s remember in that respect that Hillary Clinton by far outspent Donald Trump. And second, a lot of money is wasted in campaigns (often on crooks who promise a candidate the sky and the moon). I have witnessed several well-funded campaigns end up losing because they wasted their money on empty rhetoric. Oftentimes, the power of a research-based message that is credible, consistent, and that matches the political demand is underestimated. Having said that, of course money is still one of the important factors in a campaign. You can’t let your opponent have more than twice as much money than what you have. However, the key is to have a winning campaign plan, with an appealing message, and enough money to communicate and implement that plan.