Will an Indictment Help Donald Trump Politically?

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

One of the good things about having a blog (with spectacular open rates) is that whenever I have a grievance, I can write a blog post.

Former President Donald Trump might be indicted. Until the time of writing, it has not happened, but it might. In some media outlets, there is talk about how this would help Trump politically and I’m flabbergasted on how they can come to that assessment.

I have consulted with a hundred politicians (including presidents, vice presidents and cabinet members), candidates, businessmen, beauty queens and some of the world’s best paid athletes. None of them ever conveyed to me that being indicted is a particularly good thing. None.

This is particularly true in the U.S., the country of compliance.

That said, a possible indictment might indeed galvanize Trump’s base and particularly help with fundraising. Remember that Trump sent out a fundraising pitch following the death of his ex wife. I also think that the entire narrative about the stolen and rigged election was continued because it was great for fundraising purposes.

With respect to winning a nationwide election, however, Trump’s base is not enough. I highly doubt an indictment would help with swing voters and independents, and they are still the ones who decide a U.S. presidential election.

Instead of an indictment helping Trump politically, I think it’s actually the other way around. If he is indicted, he has to stay in the race. How else could he claim this is all a political witch hunt.

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