A Political Future for Ivanka Trump?

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Donald Trump has left the White House and a new chapter in American politics begins. Some wonder if Ivanka Trump or any other of his children could run for office in the near future? Well, it depends on how the Trump brand will be seen in two respectively four years from now. Who knows what the political climate will be by that time, but at the moment, it seems unlikely to me that the brand can recover substantially. The events from the past monthly will likely leave a stain. In fact, I think that a scenario where we will learn more in the coming weeks and months about how chaotic and detached from reality the Trump White House has operated is more likely than a recovery of the brand.

I don’t see a distancing strategy as possible for Ivanka or any of the other children. Their political capital is the Trump name. Nothing more and nothing less. A distancing strategy could work for people who worked with Trump but were less associated with him and have more of an independent personality. For example, Nikki Hailey or Mitch McConnell and his wife. For the Trump children, the easiest would probably be to run in a state or congressional district that is a Trump stronghold and where the Trump base (which exists) is enough to win.

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