Bernie Sanders Drops Out of the Race

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Bernie Sanders is dropping out of the race. Not everything about a winning campaign is good, and not everything about a losing campaign is bad. For example, I still think that Sanders’ slogan “Not me, Us” was great. It directly showed contrast with Donald Trump, for whom everything always is about himself (as we currently see every day in his press briefings). Sanders had a clear message and was a constant performer on the campaign trail and on the debate stage. In the end, however, the Democratic party didn’t want to nominate a Socialist as its standard bearer – Democratic Socialist or not. And Sanders didn’t really do all that much to change that. There was no plan to get to 50%. When moderate candidates united behind Biden, and the corona crisis hit the U.S., it became next to impossible for Sanders to continue the campaign.

Here’s an interesting inside report about his campaign. It was written by Daniel Marans and published in the HuffPost. Among others, it shows that a sense of entitlement (in that case for left-wing endorsements) is always a loser. Second, a candidate should choose its senior staff and advisers very carefully, but then empower them. While a candidate cannot – and should not – run his own campaign, only he or she can establish discipline, order, smooth decision making and wise spending within a campaign:

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