My TEDx Talk on Winning Elections Made it to Yahoo! Finance

Dr. Louis Perron
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My TEDx talk on winning elections in a changing world has finally been published and can be viewed on YouTube and the TED website.

I’m also glad to share with you that the press release about that TEDx talk was picked up by more than a hundred American news websites. At the time of writing, the talk was mentioned and featured by Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Daily Herald, Buffalo News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and numerous local news channels. And counting!

When you plan your next campaign, and as I detail in the TEDx talk, remember that it takes the four “M”s to win high-profile elections:

Message: A good message is more than a slogan, an issue or a play of words! It’s a coherent narrative why voters should vote for you or your party.

Media: Social media is now part of any campaign, but greatly overestimated. Nobody changes his or her mind on social media. The bigger your target audience, the less it’s a factor.

Money: Too much money can actually be a disadvantage because it undermines message and decision-making discipline.

Make No Mistake: Most common mistakes include starting too late, not getting accurate research or producing campaign materials without content.

Plenty of success!


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