Jill Biden Is Now the Most Important Democrat

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

It’s not about what the candidates said during the debate last night, but about how they said it. Donald Trump did what he had to do, which is to show that he can control and restrain himself, and to focus on the incumbent. It’s the exact opposite for Joe Biden. His strategic goal was to show that he is still capable to do the job, and he accomplished the exact opposite. His age is now the center of the post-debate media coverage.

In a way, I’m a bit surprised how many people are surprised about the outcome of the debate. Everybody who wanted to know that Joe Biden is old already had plenty of opportunities to realize that before the debate.

Many people have asked me lately why Democrats don’t have a better candidate than Biden. The answer is simple: if the regicide doesn’t work, you’re in the desert. And for senior figures who have no ambition to replace Biden, no one of them wants to be blamed for an eventual loss in November.

I have a feeling that Jill Biden is the most important Democrat right now. She’s probably the only one from whom President Biden would accept the advice to step aside. But to begin with, the timing of the debate seemed to favor the candidate who lost it. There is plenty of time to recover. And what might also save Biden is that there is no consensus among Democrats on who the candidate for a plan B would be.

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