Manafort/Cohen: Guilty

Dr. Louis Perron
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Of course, it’s not good news for President Trump that on the same day, both his former campaign manager and former personal lawyer were found guilty, respectively pleaded guilty. The most concrete consequence of this is that the Mueller probe will definitely continue. It’s next to impossible to describe it as a useless witch-hunt at this point in time. This being said, to think that because of this, Trump will be impeached anytime soon involves a lot of wishful thinking. One key element in that respect is whether or not Democrats will win the majority in the House of Representatives this November when the mid-term election will take place. It’s possible, but far from sure. Even if they do, an impeachment would need a majority of two-thirds in the Senate. This being said, it’s remarkable that Trump’s job approval ratings have been quite stable since mid-June. We will see in a few days how these two latest developments will play out in the polls. But let’s not forget: the Manafort trial was about the money Manafort earned during his work in Ukraine, Cohen pleaded guilty that he broke campaign finance laws. Some voters might wonder: Where are Trump and the alleged collusion with Russia in all of this? But then again, this might dramatically change if the Mueller investigation takes new turns.