Summer Press Conference By German Chanellor Merkel

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

So I’m reading that Chancellor Angela Merkel gave her last press conference before the summer break. I think she has reached a stage in her career that other presidents and head of government have reached: Voters don’t listen to her anymore. Germans have been seeing Merkel basically for almost two decades every evening in the news. She’s known commodity and people have made up their minds – positive or negative. Of course, a chancellor has always guaranteed (media) attention, but I think that voters listen to confirm what they think about her already, not with an open-mind to change their opinions. Her last opportunity to re-invent herself while in office was probably right after the last election and the building of the new government. From there on, her approval ratings might go up or down a bit, depending on the state of the economy and developments regarding the asylum issue. But right now, I don’t see what she could say or do herself that would substantially move then needle. I think it would take a clear break and plenty of time to change the dynamics.

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