Mueller Report: This is it

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

The Mueller report is out. Legally speaking, this is it. Unless one of the other ongoing investigations brings out dramatic new information, impeachment seems off the table. Based on the report, no Republican in the Senate would back such an endeavor, so it’s dead on arrival. And Speaker Nany Pelosi knows that very well. In a bit more than 18 months, Americans will head to the polls and can render their own verdict.

Speaking of which, the issue will of course continue politically. The Democratic majority in the House will claim its “constitutional duty of oversight” and investigate further; the media will gladly cover it. In a few days, we will start to see how the polls will react to the news. My guess as of today is that the report will not have a major and lasting impact on public opinion. President Trump’s approval ratings have been pretty stable over the past year and I don’t see in the report the dramatic new information needed to change this. Trump supporters claim victory and no collusion, Trump opponents cry lying and obstruction of justice. Watch CNN and FOX News in parallel for a live illustration of this.

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