Theresa May’s Spectacular Miscalculation

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

Brexit is delayed, yet again. I was just flabbergasted by the fact that Theresa May was addressing the nation and talking to the opposition NOW. Wouldn’t it have been a much smarter strategy to try and build a consensus around such an important step such as Brexit at the beginning of the process? Especially in view of the following facts:

A) That she lost the last election
B) Her own party doesn’t have a majority in parliament
C) Her own party is split on the issue
D) The opposition leader is actually said to be sympathetic to a Brexit

Speaking of the opposition leader: All the while, the Tories said that Corbyn could never be trusted to serve as Prime Minister. Going against that discourse, May now de facto said that she can’t deliver Brexit without him. I was once asked by a journalist what other countries can learn from Swiss election campaigns. Hm well, really not that much. But when it comes to consensus building, however, the Swiss way might be a promising approach at times.

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