New Offering: Zoom Campaign Planning Session

Dr. Louis Perron
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You have been receiving my emails for some time and I’d be remiss not to sporadically inform you about my offerings. Today, I would therefore like to present to you the option of a personalized zoom campaign planning session.

Planning a campaign can be both, exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Many politicians run from one event to the next, and try to get media attention while the next election is always at the back of their mind. Yet, few have a concrete plan on how to get from wherever they are today to where they want to be on election day, in the winner’s circle.

In this personal zoom session, I will either assess your existing campaign plan, or we will develop one together. In particular, we will:

  • Objectively assess your chances to win and help you make an ultimate decision on whether or not to run
  • Help you craft a winning campaign message, which will serve as a basis for all your campaign materials
  • Assess how to reach your target audience to make the best use of your time and resources
  • Learn how to produce campaign material that give you double the effect
  • Explore how to not only use but dominate social media

I have won dozens of election campaigns in various countries – from city councilor up to nationwide races. In this zoom session, we will apply my generic approach to winning elections to YOUR specific case. I will provide an outside view and an expert opinion. This offer includes preparation time and after the session, you will get 30 days access to my smarts to ask follow-up questions via email.

For recipients of this email, I extent the introductory price of 6’500 USD for bookings within the next week. After that, the investment for this unique opportunity will increase to 8’000 USD. You can find more information here.

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