The Generation of Slim Fit Politicians

Dr. Louis Perron
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Last week, I gave a speech at the External Asset Management Day 2017, organized by Credit Suisse. Among other things, we also discussed the so-called slim fit generation consisting of young, dynamic politicians. Indeed, there are several leaders who fit that category at the moment: French President Emmanuel Macron (39), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (45), and, former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi (42). Sebastian Kurz (30) was recently elected as the leader of the Austrian OEVP.

Louis Perron delivering a speech at the External Asset Management Day 2017,
organized by Credit Suisse

This is a phenomenon that we do not only observe in politics, but also in the private sector and the academic world: A new generation of ambitious leaders which is aggressively pursuing their careers. They are a good match for the current Zeitgeist. Nowadays, things are changing so fast that a younger leader might be more able to understand current challenges. This doesn’t mean that experience is no longer important for voters, but we are no longer in a situation where more experience is always better. I rather look at it like a threshold, meaning that a candidate needs to convince voters that he is able to do the job. Once a candidate can make that case, and pass that treshold, other criteria become more important, and a comparatively young age can even be an advantage.

This being said, young, attractive leaders in politics are nothing new in itself. I would say that it started with John F. Kennedy during the 1960is when television became important in political communication. What is noteworthy today is how young the young leaders are. This is particularly the case with 30-year-old Austrian Sebastian Kurz. French President Emmanuel Macron is also an interesting case as his rise to power went along with the total collapse of the old party system. Indeed, France used to be a political system where one had to wait in line for a long time and usually make several attempts before winning the presidency.

More about the generation of slim fit politicians in the Swiss news show 10vor10:

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