New Trends in Political Campaigns: Digitalization is Changing Politics

Dr. Louis Perron
blog post louis

As some readers of this blog know, I have long been skeptical about the influence of social media on election campaigns – especially outside of the USA. I noticed that somehow those who are so adamant about its effectiveness are the ones who make their living off social media. This being said, I have recently conducted an entire series of focus groups with millennials and confirmed that yes, digitalization is and will be changing campaigns. Nowadays, basically everybody is online, and an increasing number of people are more or less permanently online. This has important consequences on the speed of our communication and the diversity of channels and tools we use. Social media allows citizens to call their leaders out immediately, and to share quotes and footage. This can rapidly create a thunderstorm, that will spill over into the mainstream media. Social media is also a great tool to mobilize and activate the base, but we also have to realize that very few people change their opinion on social media (related to this is another trend I recently worte about: increasing polarization).

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